Wasserfallpark „Parco delle Cascate“ - Verhaltensvorschriften
Don’t leave the paths or trails
Don’t litter. Please throw your waste in the appropriate bins you find along the trails.
Don’t light a fire
Keep noise levels to a minimum
Don’t pluck flowers, shrubs or mushrooms
Don’t pick up minerals or fossils
Follow the instructions when using the acrobatic equipment
Be particularly careful if it rains
No camping in the Park
Wear appropriate shoes
Don’t swim
Keep dogs leashed. If they are big, please use a muzzle.
Please have your ticket with you at all times. If you fail to present it upon request, you will be required to buy a new ticket.
If you see damages or something dangerous, please inform the staff immediately.
The tourist office in Molina and our staff here can provide you with all the relevant information about the Park and the area around it.