Prehistoric Nights are a Park event reserved for 6 to 11 year old little Sapiens who are not afraid to roar with the cave lions!

The event is a unique opportunity to experience the life and strategies of the groups of prehistoric people who frequented our mountains tens of thousands of years ago: we go looking for flint to build weapons and tools, we explore the Park in search of water, thundering waterfalls, small fruits, animals and cosy caves and shelters.

We listen to the sounds of the forest and learn to appreciate the reassuring warmth of a fire: after a lavish Palaeolithic dinner, we fall asleep on comfortable skins in a cave set up as in prehistoric times, listening to stories of cave bears and mammoths…

The Park guides and archaeologists are constantly by the children’s side and together with them every little Sapiens enjoys a thrilling experience. Our experts welcome the children to Molina on Saturday afternoon around 5pm and their parents pick them up on Sunday morning around 10am.

The experience is dedicated to a limited number of children for each appointment: given the small number of participants, contact us for information at the beginning of the season!

Parents who wish to stay overnight can enjoy an excellent agreement for dinner in a restaurant and in some B & Bs in Molina, right in the heart of the Monti Lessini Regional Park.