Anti-Covid Rules

Advance reservation is not necessary (except for groups of at least 20 people, for which reservation is mandatory); we have provided for the safety of the paths and spaces according to the regulations in force to protect the safety of all. Midweek days or Saturdays are the best time to enjoy the pristine nature and to relax in the Park.

Daily access is limited to a maximum number of visitors in order to comply with the regulations in force on social distancing.

  • FACEMASKS. While staying in the Park it is recommended to wear a mask in the ticket office area and in any places where social distancing is not continuously guaranteed.
  • FREE PARKING. The car park is located in Molina, along the main access road to the town and is about 15 minutes by foot from the park entrance.
  • STROLLERS. No path is accessible with a stroller, which must be left near the entrance to the Park (unattended area). For small children we recommend the use of a baby carrier or backpack.
  • MOTORCYCLE HELMETS AND BAGS. It is possible to deposit helmets, bags, mini-fridges and other items at the bar, on unattended open shelves.
  • PICNIC AREAS. The picnic areas are always accessible.  Bags, backpacks, coolers or other personal items may not be left to occupy the tables. It is important to use the appropriate recycling bins for any waste.
  • SWING AT THE BLACK FALL. The swing is open and hand sanitization is mandatory before use. We take care of the regular sanitation of the swing. It is forbidden to stop near the attraction and create gatherings.
  • ITINERARIES. All the routes are accessible. The Green Path takes about 30 minutes, the Red Path 1 hour, the Black Path is an additional loop of around 1 hour. All the paths are circular and it is necessary to follow the indications (it is absolutely forbidden to follow directions other than those indicated). Access to the Black Path closes at 5.30pm.

Tips for visiting 

The Waterfall Park is a protected natural area that you can visit following the set paths. The park can only be visited on foot, the paths are NOT accessible with strollers or prams of any type.
All paths are circular and have a pre-set direction.
The paths are well signed, just follow the arrows and it will be very easy to use the map you will find at the ticket office

The routes have natural gradients and require a bit of effort: get ready for an enjoyable nature outing by choosing comfortable sportswear and dress in layers.
Wear comfortable shoes with a sturdy sole (avoid sandals, flip-flops and shoes with smooth soles!). In case of rain, hiking boots are required.

Choose the route that best suits you and your fellow hikers, taking into account the different needs and habits each one of you have when walking in the mountains Here are the details of the routes and here is the map of the Park.

In case of bad weather, the Park may be temporarily closed: consult the weather forecast when planning your outing and check our website to see if there are any closures! Alternatively, contact us on FB-Messenger ParcoDelleCascateDiMolina: click here!

A good visit to the Park requires at least 3 hours (half a day): plan your trip to savour the natural environment and enjoy a relaxing break in the countryside!

Parking is free and is located in Molina, along the provincial road that arrives in the town. From here it takes about 15 minutes downhill on foot through the small medieval village to reach the Park entrance: bring your backpack and everything you need for your trip.

Visitors may freely use the picnic areas near the entrance or along the paths: lighting fires or using barbecues is not allowed. At the entrance to the Park there is a bar with sandwiches, ice cream, coffee and small gadgets. In the square in Molina you will find the Al Campanil shop with freshly baked bread, cold cuts and typical products.

The Park is a protected area, recognized as a Site of Community Importance due to the plants and animals that live here: we should all behave as guests, eager to keep this place pristine for a long time and to safeguard its peculiarities. Do not disturb the animals, do not pick and do not damage flowers, plants and fungi. Do not remove minerals and / or fossils.

It is strictly forbidden to enter the water.

Free camping is not allowed in the Park.

Carefully observe the instructions when using the acrobatic equipment

In the event of damage, danger or problems, immediately inform the Park (045 7720185) or use the SOS columns located along the paths.

For the well-being of all (men and the environment) we ask you not speak loudly and to enjoy the natural sounds that surround us.

Please always use the bins of separate waste collection along the paths or, as good mountaineers, take the waste you produce home with you to help us manage the Park sustainably.

Dogs are welcome at the Park, as long as they are kept on a leash for the entire visit, respecting other people and any other animals. Please pick up their poop and throw it the waste bins; it is forbidden to let dogs go into the water, given the presence of protected aquatic fauna. 

Keep your ticket during your visit. In the event of a check by the operators in charge, anyone without a ticket will have to pay the entrance fee again.

You can get to Molina by camper and use the free car park, a tree-lined area just outside the village. All we ask is to respect the surface parking markings in order to leave the adjacent parking spaces free.

You can organize a relaxing day combining your visit to the Park with other scenic places to see not far from here, with both natural and historic attractions: our operators will be able to give you some good advice according to your wishes!


Download the map of the Park to check which of our itineraries suits you.

Download the map