Three itineraries to choose from

There are 3 different itineraries in the Park, suitable either for families or for the more adventurous explorer.
Choose the one which most appeals to you, taking into account how fit you are and what clothes you are wearing.

Important information:

   The walk downhill from the parking area to the Park entrance is 700metres long and has a difference in hight of 100 metres.

 You can only access the Park on foot, the paths are NOT SUITABLE for strollers or wheelchairs of any kind.

   The paths are circular and one way only.

  Access to the Black Route variant and the zip line to the Tombolo waterfall close at the same time as the ticket office. To choose the Black Route and try the zip line, it is necessary to enter the Park at least one hour before the ticket office closes.

  In case of bad weather, the Park could be temporarily closed: please check the weather forecast prior to organizing your outing and also check our website, where you can find out about any closures. 

Green Path

a 1.2 km path suitable for all age groups


Grade easy
Time 30 minutes
Difference in altitude from the Park entrance 50 metres

Red Path

a 2.5 Km path which leads to the most beautiful waterfalls.


Grade medium
Time 1 hour
Difference in altitude from the Park entrance 100 metres

Black Path

a 6 Km path through the whole Park.


Grade Hard
Time 2 hours
Difference in altitude from the Park entrance 250 metres

Download the Map of the Park

Download the map of the Park to see the different itineraries!

Download the map