With our work we aim to offer our visitors the experience of enjoying a landscape of unequalled beauty, passing on our passion for this unspoiled environment and the importance of its safeguard. The Park is also committed to promoting the village of Molina with its medieval stone courtyards, the dairy and the ancient water mills. All this could not be done without involving the villagers who have chosen to keep on living in the area.  

The Park is nearly 50 years old. The villagers of Molina had the original idea of creating an amazing, welcoming natural area not far from Verona in the early 1970s.

The local community was inspired and coordinated by Fratel Perin, a charismatic lay brother and teacher at the Don Calabria Institute in Verona. Everyone involved worked for two years during their free time to build pathways and set up the bridges, the suspended ladder and the swings over the streams and the Black Fall…features that to this day make the visit so enjoyable whilst admiring the natural wonders of the Park. 

Over time, the area has become a protected site. Strict safety measures and daily maintenance have turned the Park into a welcoming natural oasis where visitors can choose between several different itineraries and learn about local history and traditions, archaeology and nature.