Every year on the first Sunday of September the New Honey Fair is held, a well-stocked market where you can find locally produced honey, groceries and handicraft.

The Honey Fair is organized by the local Pro Loco and the many beekeeping associations of the area, in collaboration with the Beekeepers’ Association of Verona. Molina is home to a lively apiary association that focuses on sharing the knowledge of the more experienced beekeepers and encouraging younger enthusiasts to endorse this enterprise. The meadows and the woodland surrounding Molina, combined with the particular microclimate, create an ideal environment in which the bees can thrive and carry out their tasks successfully.

The Municipality of Fumane, to which the village of Molina belongs, has joined the awareness project “CooBeeRation Api Bene Comune”, aiming to support and promote beekeeping-related enterprises and ventures.

Here is this year’s programme, also enriched by the possibility of a free guided walk to discover the extraordinary world of bees!